Additional Contacts

Contact Mike Pounders by email ( ) or phone (501-766-1229) for submissions to web site or additional questions.

Carving Resources

Tools and Supplies
Smoky Mountain Woodcarvers                 800-541-5994                  free shipping if over $150
Woodcraft          800-225-1153                     Authorized Pfeil distributer
Old Texas Woodcarvers Shop    800-752-9781
Wood Carvers Supply    800-284-6229        MasterCarver stuff
The Woodchip Shop       866-996-6324 
The Woodcraft Shop      800-397-2278

Heinecke Wood Products    715-822-3524      best basswood
Itasca Wood Products     218-256-8094          basswood, diamond willow

Little Shavers Wood Carving Supply       206-767-7421     excellent sharpening service, beginners’ kits, and other supplies.
Drake Knives      360-659-6778     superb knives and gouges      
Mike Shipley Knives     417-284-3416         Great knives
Pinewood Forge     800-423-1844              great knives, spoon knives

Good Web Sites
Wood Carving Illustrated    
The Carvers’ Companion    
Carving Magazine                  

Instructional Videos and Websites

Flat Plane

Wood Spirits/Santas

Relief Carving
Dylan Goodson       
Scott McNeil            
Chris Pye                   
Lora S. Irish                TO CARVING  and

Books and Patterns
Classic Carving Patterns         Lora S. Irish