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Thursday, September 11, 2014

September Carving meeting

Our next Carving meeting is set for Saturday, September 27, 2014.  Fred has booked the Arkansas Electric Cooperative in Jacksonville from 9-noon. ( First Electric Building (1000 South JP Wright Loop Road, Jacksonville, AR)  He is able to book from month to month, so we can't pre-set a specific date/time each month, so we will have to be flexible. 

During the summer some of us got together in June and August for carving time in my garage studio.  It was fun to keep up the carving during the summer.  We welcome a new carver, Jane Diesing. Thanks to Mike Pounders for sharing his newest carving and painting techniques.

For our September meeting, we will need to select or elect a new President.  I can not continue to serve in that role, I want to be able to attend when possible, but have several family issues (two boys ages 7 and 15 with lots of school activities on Saturday and taking care of Kathy) to handle and can not guarantee being there each month and need to have someone else take over.
I won't be able to attend this meeting as I will be taking Kathy to Batesville to a work related event.

I've been using email to let those of you with email addresses know about meetings, having Mike post them on his Blog and also mailing to all members without an email address.  To be sure we are reaching all members, this month we are emailing, posting on the Blog and mailing to all members (those with current dues and paid and those who have forgotten to pay this year).  If you have an email address and don't get this notice by email, just send the info to: to be added to the list.  And remember to pay your dues to keep receiving notices of meeting dates and special carving events---see Fred to confirm if you need to pay.

Keep Lou Everitt in your thoughts, she is currently in chemotheraphy after having colon surgery.  I understand she is doing well.  My wife Kathy also had colon surgery this summer and is in chemo as well, she is doing well also.

Our Current officers:

Roger Stegall, President or (501-912-5986)
MIke Pounders, Blog:
Fred Nalen, Secretary/Treasurer/Meeting arranger, (501-606-2275)