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Sunday, February 22, 2015

February Meeting

Hated that most of ya'll were not able to make it to the meeting at Roger's house, but you might be wiser than those that did come! The rain was nasty enough that I was thinking I might need a boat! But we had a good time! Roger had quite a few carvings and Fred returned with a bunch from Florida. He was lucky enough to get into a seminar with Floyd Rhadigan while he was down there and had a great time.Jay Weaver brought some turned cylinders a pattern for some little snowmen that we made an attempt at. We were fortunate that he had knocked some of the wood off for us..... this was the kind off basswood that will last you a long time! As Roger said, it was a good warm up! We should be able to meet at the co-op in Jacksonville next month and Roger will provide the project of the little witch that can be carved with just a knife.  I'll keep you posted, but here are a few pictures showing what you missed!