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Friday, October 5, 2012

Congratulations to Roger Stegal!

The results for the 2012 National Caricature Carving Competition have been announced and Roger got a first in Bust, a second in Santa, and fourth in Group Mixed. Way to go! Roger has conducted several carving seminars for the club and hopefully he can bring some of these by one of our meetings for us to admire in person. Here is the link to the posted results and pictures of all the winners. and

Monday, October 1, 2012

Great Seminar at the September Meeting!

We had a lot of members at the September meeting/seminar and a great time was had by all! Janet Cordell conducted a superb seminar, teaching us all the finer points of mountain lines, wolves, horses, and various features of the face both male and female. It was really great and several may try to get in some of Janet's classes up in the mountains, either this winter or next spring. I know we will have a meeting in October, I just don't kno exactly when! (I though it was the 15th, but that's on a Monday?) Someone will straighten me out and I will post the date as soon as I get it. Be sure to come and bring something for show and tell, or just come out and say howdy! Here's what you missed at the last meeting!