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Monday, December 10, 2012

Get Ready for January!

Hopefully, Santa has rewarded everyone with lots of carving tools and wood, and everyone will be excited about the new year ahead. A special thanks to Jim Butler who has generously served as president for many years and to Roger Stegal who has agreed to serve as president for 2013! Our next meeting will be Jabuary 19th and you will have a choice of several projects for the meeting:
  • Roger will show us how to carve faces and different expressions
  • or you can carve a small Santa ornament as an alternative.
 We'll provide the wood, just bring yourself and a knife! Or bring your own project, we'll still be glad to see you!

The club hopes to decide on and order some roughouts that will be longer projects to be worked on for several meetings. We were thinking about possibly ordering some Mike Shipley roughouts , but we are still open to suggestions, so be sure and attend the January meeting, and help us decide. If you can't attend, please contact Fred if you would like to order one. Fred Nahlen has agreed to act as treasurer and would probably like everyone to remember that membership dues need to be paid ($15 for the year).

We are hoping some of Fred's students from his class at the Art Center will join us and we hope that you will invite a friend also. Hope to see yall on January 19th!