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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"It's hard to beat free!"

The best things in life are sometimes free ...... and sometimes you can find them at the monthly meetings. Lou brought her collection of carving magazines a few months back and distributed them to any who wanted them. There were early issues of WoodCarving Illustrated, Carving Magazine, ChipChats and others. They were much appreciated! Others have brought band-sawn blanks, plans, and projects. We had a sack full of cottonwood bark for anyone that wanted it at the last meeting. Then Fred Nahlen asked if anyone was interested in an old Foredom flex-shaft tool? I almost hurt myself raising my hand so fast! I have always wanted a Foredom but could never bring myself to spend that much money when there or so many other tools that need me. Fred got this from someone at The Arkansas Arts Center and it needed a little work, but it still ran, and he had checked and found that parts were still available. The brushes were still good and it looked like all it needed was the inner shaft and a nut for the toggle switch. I replaced the shaft and connected the footpedal and handpieces I used with my HF version and fired it up! I was concerned that it might not have the power that my newer HF tool had, but it is fine. It has less vibrattion and is much quieter than the HF tool. I smile every time I step on the gas! Everyone should drop in at the September meeting and see what's being given away never know!

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