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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Woodcarving Magazine samples arrived

I received a package from Sweden with a couple of sample issues of this magazine, that will be passed out at our meeting in September. I found this to be an interesting magazine, with articles by carvers not known on this side of the Atlantic and a different perspective in many ways. Many European carvers don't paint their carvings, but I found several articles really on methods for sanding/finishing your on different types of vices and holding methods..... and several great patterns.The language differences were interesting, although currency conversion for tools and such was too much math for me! The advertisements for carving schools/vacations in Greece, England, Germany, and Austria might be tempting for those who like to travel. I haven't decided if I will subscribe, but I have read both samples cover-to-cover and found them both interesting and educational! Here is a pattern from one magazine that I relief carved and burned.

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