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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May Meeting

There were about eight people in attendance this month. It was good to see Miss Lou back and Vernon Driscoll dropped in for a bit also. We have a potential new member, Jason Pipe, from Malvern. He has been carving for a few months and brought some Opinel knives in that he's has been carving on.
Here are some of the eggs from last months project that we worked at during the meeting. Sally and Jim Butler did the colorful ones and mine is the wood-burned one. Quite challenging to carve an egg shape!

We also had a small menagerie of animals with Lou's donkey and another of Fred's Razorbacks.

I'll post some additional pictures later.... trying to spread them out a bit, since we won't be meeting for a while! Please email me any pictures or links you might want posted!

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