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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April 9th Meeting

About eight members were present for our April meeting.Fred Nahlen and several others had projects for the show-and-tell .from the Mike Shipley class that was held last month.Dr. Sulieman had a nice witch carving from Roger Stegal's class back in the fall. Mike Pounders had a carved mechanical toy and another work in progress to show. Jay Weaver still has a few assorted full-size Pfeil tools he is willing to part with and Fred had some Razorback roughouts that looked like a lot of fun. A few people worked on items they had brought, but Sally Butler challenged us all with an Easter Egg project (I believe from WCI). She had the blanks, some instructions, and a go-by to help us out, but several accused her of treating the basswood with some chemical that made it especially hard! Or maybe we just had dull knives? We still made an impressive pile of chips even though no one had finished when we left (I'm still working on's me or the egg at this point!). The next meeting is planned for May 14th at 9am and then we will probably be vacationing until September. Hope to see you at the next meeting!

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